Postgraduate Society AGM

21st April, 17:30 @ Livi Tower LT409

This your chance to run for next year’s committee (2017-2018) and all positions are up for grabs! To celebrate the end of an era and the beginning of a new dawn we are also putting on a FREE Cheese and Wine (and probably with some tasty cake too!).

**If you are planning on coming along for Strathclyde’s finest annual cheese, wine and cake day please make sure you click attending on the Facebook event so we can guage numbers

The official bit:

Election Candidates – any postgraduate who will be enrolled in 2017-2018

Voters – paid PGS members only
Cheese munchers and wine drinkers – candidates and all PGS members (whether running for a position or not)

If you are thinking of running for a committee position (and we urge all of you to consider it!) or have any questions about the roles of committee please email in any questions or talk to any of the current committee at