About PGS

PGS is a society for all Postgrad Students at Strathclyde. Run by students, for the students.

Who Are We?!

The PGS is a society for all Postgraduate Students at Strathclyde. We host weekly social events, to create a strong (and fun!) postgraduate community. In addition, the PGS acts as a voice for postgraduate taught and research (PGT and PGR) students across Strathclyde and the NUS.

We have an elected committee which oversee the running of things, but it’s not like we have a superiority complex or anything like that. We volunteer to ensure that you can enjoy yourselves! Details on the current and past committees can be found below.

Committee 2018-2019

We are currently short of a few committee members! If you feel you would like to get involved, please get in contact 🙂

  • Andrew Graham – President
  • Tia Simanovic – Treasurer
  • Ross McPherson –
  • Deep Bandivadekar – Social Media, Website

Committee 2017-2018

Committee 2016-2017




  • Felicity Carlysle – President
  • Iain Morrison – Vice President
  • Naomi Aoife Bowers – Secretary
  • David Thompson – Treasurer
  • Megan Heather – PR Officer
  • Steven Davies – IT
  • Elisabeth Fraczek – Events Officer


  • Matthew Banger – President and Co-Founder
  • April Dunham – Vice President and Co-Founder
  • Iain Morrison – Treasurer
  • Naomi Aoife Bowers – Secretary
  • David Thompson – Events
  • Felicity Carlysle