Masters at Strathclyde


Your Masters year is likely to be the busiest year of your life… which is why we are here to help! Social events ahoy!

5 Top Tips when Starting your Masters

  1. Find your departmental administration office as soon as possible as this will be your first point of contract for handing in forms and asking department specific questions.
  2. Check out your department section of the Strathclyde website – here you will find relevant information and a copy of your departmental handbook.
  3. Look for funding opportunities on the university website.
  4. Check out the postgraduate community section of the university website for lots of useful information about postgraduate life at Strathclyde.
  5. Speak to other Masters students in your class! It makes the year a lot more fun and enjoyable.
  6. Check out the PGS facebook page, have a look at our events and come along to socialise with other like-minded PhD students. There is also support from the Union. A good place to start is the advice hub but you can also email the Vice-President of Education whose job it is to lobby on your behalf to the university. Each faculty should also have at least one postgraduate representative who may be able to help with issues affecting your whole faculty. Contact details can be found on the Union’s website.